Photo: Alex Eisenberg


Charlotte Barnes has reviewed The Fluxus President over at the very excellent SABOTAGE REVIEWS, where she concludes:


In discussing the experimental ideas of Fluxus, Berridge has succeeded in creating something equally as experimental ultimately making this an incredibly important and worthwhile book for anyone drawn to experimental literature and art. In using such a unique narrative form to discuss a distinctive area of art, Berridge has succeeded in re-creating what he is attempting to explore in his content. The complexities of this book seem to be never-ending however, while it may be a difficult read to begin with, it is undoubtedly worth the effort for anyone looking for something that breaks stereotyped literary boundaries.

The Fluxus President is a fine example of literary art that will inevitably draw attention to itself, for its uniqueness if nothing else. Berridge has succeeded in making a name for himself with this first novella, creating something that is not only an interesting read, but also something that incorporates and explores vital messages about literature and, more importantly, experimental literature, which seems to be becoming increasingly under-rated. For anyone remotely interested in art writing, this book is most definitely for you.



See the full review here and the fascinating range of work covered on Sabotage via its homepage.





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