I’ve been editing and publishing some new books for the VerySmallKitchen paperback imprint. Just published is The Little Shed of Various Lamps by Nikolai Duffy, which you can see a sample of here.
Next up – published on August 15th – is 2 Blue Cups on Two Different Corners of the Table by the Rotterdam based artist Ohad Ben Shimon. An interview with Ohad and an extract is on the VerySmallKitchen blog here, and there is also a great range of work on Ohad’s website.
There will be readings and launches for both of these books later in the year.
Informed by both these splendid titles, I’ve been thinking how to develop my research on connections of poetry, fiction, and essay, where the book emerges as a meeting place of literary and artistic practices.
More news on that as it unfolds. This summer, the writings of Etel Adnan and Nathanaël have been rich and pleasurable sources for thinking about these questions and much more.


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