Myself, Karin de Jong and Ohad Ben Shimon at The Print Room, Rotterdam, 13th Dec 2013
MAN AARG! POETRY, ESSAY, ART PRACTICE is one of the books selected by Arnaud Desjardin for the Artists’ Book Collection at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver. He discusses all of the books he has chosen on the Collection’s blog.
Sarah Gonnet recently reviewed BRING THE THING at I’m A Serious Journalist You Know, as part of a growing archive of poetry, art, zine, and theatre reviews and interviews.
Life continues at The Ruins of Hastings, with several recent posts, including Writing/ Unwriting the Apples, Lemons and Pears and Interruptions, Car Park, with Big, Ugly Stitches.
Both of these posts are responses to books, diagrams, and ideas of various writers & artists, whilst they are also feed into an emerging/ amorphous sense of what (in East Sussex and on the web) The Ruins might be/is.
The VerySmallKitchen site I curate has just published projects by Kasper Andreasen and Patrick Coyle, following on from projects by Emma Bolland and David Price. On her own website, Emma’s Writing about Re-Writing Writing explores the process of her VSK Project.
A big thanks, too, to The Print Room in Rotterdam who hosted a discussion between myself and VSK author Ohad Ben Shimon on December 13th, including readings from the book by Ohad and Mercedes Azpilicueta.
After this photo of The Print Room event I wonder if VerySmallKitchen is best understood through mime. I have always wanted VerySmallKitchen to propose/ enact a particular space of writing, reading, and art practice, and here (mid-conversation) it is:

For some of the publications I found in Rotterdam, and elsewhere, see the VerySmallKitchen twitter feed.


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