Shady Dealings with Language in July

I’m co-organising with Claire Potter the London edition of Shady Dealings With Language event series. As Claire describes the overall project on its website:

How do we approach the terms ‘art writing and performance’ through the specificities of our disciplines as writers, poets, conceptual and plastic artists, filmmakers, performers, theorists and every thing in between? And, how might that discipline-specific understanding be played out in the ways we chose program and facilitate events; the works we make, the information we share, the spaces we occupy, the guests we invite. These questions are extended to our audiences: what will cohere, unfasten and/or emerge and where might we be when the curtain falls?
Without prescription, the series intends to pull together the various idioms and approaches of the guest curators, and those of the event participants, constituting a consideration of interdisciplinary research and arts practice through the format of an event. This is the concern of Shady Dealings With Language.

We’re still confirming details of the London event, but it will be in the first half of July at Matt’s Gallery in Mile End. I’m delighted that the fantastic Nathan Walker and Linda Stupart will be two of our presenters, and we’ll be announcing the full program very soon.
See a recent essay by Linda here and Nathan’s reading at The Other Room here.
Images in this post are from the Leeds event (co-curated with Lauren de Sa Naylor), and feature Bridget Hayden (top) & Callum Millard. After London there will be further events in Manchester (Joseph Noonan-Ganley) and Edinburgh (Kathryn Elkin).


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